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To floss or not to floss?

There's been lots of comment on the news and in the press recently about dental flossing not doing what it's supposed to do. Incredibly, it even made the leading front page story on the Daily Telegraph, who gleefully reported that the US Health Department is to drop the recommendation that people floss daily because there's no scientific evidence that it works.  We would beg to differ and encourage all our patients to floss except where there are clinical indications for not doing so.

Flossing is an effective way to clean in between the teeth where particles of food get trapped and, if not removed, cause gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.  Of course it's important to floss correctly and all the dentists and hygienists will be happy to show you the best way.  Nor is flossing the ONLY way to clean between the teeth: TePe brushes are the best and come in many sizes to fit most gaps and tight spaces. 

Our advice is to follow the advice we have given you and use dental floss correctly in conjunction with other dental hygiene essentials including brushing for two minutes twice a day and using TePe brushes.  Mouthwashes can have a role too but discuss with us which are best and when is the best time to use them. They are no replacement for brushing.

by Justine Nicholls, Hygienist    12th August 2016

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