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The Wand - for a more comfortable experience

  • Are you nervous about injections?

  • Does a fear of injections prevent you from visiting the dentist when you know you should?

  • If you could have a filling without an injection would you ask to?

The Wand dental anaesthetic treatmentOf the things that people fear most about dental treatment it's injections that time and again top the list. As it happens, most injections don't really hurt at all and patients are often pleasantly surprised how little discomfort they feel.  However, if you're one of the many who actively dislikes even the thought of injections, The Wand is an answer to your prayers.  

We believe we are the only dental practice in Hertford to offer its patients this comfortable alternative to an injection.  There's no syringe, and, unlike some injections which numb half your mouth, The Wand targets anaestheic only at the tooth the dentist needs to work on so you won't bite your lip,  dribble or slur your speech after treatment.

Instead of a syringe The Wand's computerised pump infuses the anaesthetic into your gum very slowly. The process is practically painless and often is completely 'painless'. See patient comments below.

If you'd like your dentist to use The Wand just ask. It takes a little longer to use so please try to request The Wand when booking so we can allow a few extra minutes for your appointment.  

We regret the NHS does not fund use of The Wand but it's available to all at a cost of £17.50.

The Wand in your own words..

"Fantastic!  When it was given I didn't feel a thing. Plus, normally half my face would be swollen afterwards, but apart from a little nubness around the tooth there's no swelling"  Daniel S.

"It was a very calming experience which will make it much easier for me to have dental treatment as I've always hated injections" Anne-Marie

"The very thought of dental treatment is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat but when I read about The Wand in the patient lounge I already felt better about it. It takes all the anxiety out of coming to the dentist" Melanie D

"Anybody worrying about having a tooth out, don't! It's amazing; barely any discomfort. Don't hesiate to ask for The Wand and all your fears will be gone. It's absolutely amazing" Mrs B

"I had a deep filling in an upper molar this morning. David used The Wand and I did not feel a thing. It was uncanny: not a thing! It's a no brainer!" Paul S. Hudson's Practice Manager