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Lost a tooth?

  • Have you had a tooth taken out or lost one in an accident?

  • Have you got unsightly gaps in your mouth?

  • Are you unable to eat your favourite foods because you can't chew or bite them?

Losing one or more teeth can be a distressing experience.  Some patients mourn the fact that they can't enjoy the foods they used to love because they lack the ability to chew food properly whilst for others, the cosmetic impact of tooth loss can be devastating.  Not only is a visible gap unattractive, but with the passage of time the bone of the jaw in the area of the missing tooth or teeth begins to recede and can make a person look older than their years. Fortunately there's lots we can do to help you regain function and put the smile back on your face.


The least expensive option is a denture. Dentures are removable and consist of an acrylic or chrome support carrying a false tooth. Dentures are used to replace a single tooth, a small run of teeth or an entire arch of teeth.  They offer an acceptable cosmetic result but you may find some foods less pleasureable to eat and need to cut food into small pieces. You will need to keep your denture(s) clean and over time as the bone beneath the gums shrinks you may need them replacing if the dentist can't adjust them to fit.  


A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth by anchoring a new tooth onto the teeth either side of it via a crown on each.  The replacement tooth in the middle is made of porcelain and once fitted a bridge cannot be removed: it is fixed firmly in place by the crowns to which it is attached.

An alternative type of bridge is a 'Maryland- Bonded Bridge'.  This bridge is used for replacing a missing front tooth or other tooth where the teeth either side are healthy and strong. The false tooth is held in position not by crowns but by metal bands that are bonded to the adjacent teeth using resin that is hidden from view.


"Amazing result: after five years I can eat lamb chops again!  Thanks David!"  Mrs I, Hertford

When it's clinically possible an implant is the best and most permanent way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It offers a great aesthetic result with a new tooth that's almost as strong the one it replaces - up to 80% of the strength of a real tooth.  A growing number of our patients are choosing implants, attracted by their strength, potential for long life and outstanding cosmetic results.  

If you're looking for a dentist in Hertford who can do dental implants in Hertford without the need to refer you elsewhere, Hudson's Dental Care is pleased to say it carries out the procedure in house using state-of-the-art Nobel guided surgery software for pin-point accuracy.  Most implants are placed by practice owner David Hudson BDS but David also draws on the skills of Dr Guy McLellan to place the most complex cases, again, here in-house. Guy is a maxillofacial surgeon of renown (you can read his biogtaphy on our 'Team' page) and he operates at our Hertford Dental Practice. 

You can read about how an implant is placed on our 'Treatments' tab.  The procedure requires just a few visits and the implants, which are placed under local anaesthetic, are generally no more uncomfortable than a filling.  


To find out more about an implant speak with your dentist or, for general enquiries, speak with our reception team.