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Fillings - Dentist in Hertford

Fillings Are a way of replacing lost or diseased tooth tissue from decay, wear or trauma.

  • White (tooth colour)

    They have been primarily used for the front teeth in cases of tooth decay, tooth wear, minor tooth defects, and masking discolouration and also to restore broken teeth in cases of accidents.  Recent advances in white fillings have meant that they can be used to restore cavities also in back teeth in certain circumstances.  Dentists will advise.  As well as the obvious advantages of appearance, while fillings require less removal of tooth tissue.  Also available is a special type of white filling which releases fluoride into the tooth. The dentist may advise this type of filling.

  • Amalgam (silver)

    Are mercury based.  They have been considered to be dangerous due to the mercury content.  However, there is no proven research of any harm to patients who have amalgam fillings.  Amalgam fillings have also been considered to be stronger than white fillings.  However, due to recent developments, white filling materials are now much more advanced and very comparable.

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